New Community Church Inverurie churches, Aberdeenshire

Who Are We?

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A bunch of very ordinary folk trying to follow an extra-ordinary man Ė Jesus! We try to be like family; everyone is vital to the life of the church. We do not have a minister so everyone has to play their part as members of the body of Christ. The church has been in Inverurie for over 30 years in one form or another.

God calls us to love one another and our neighbour as ourselves. One way we try to work that out is by meeting on a Wednesday evening round a meal (food is very important to us!). Here we can enjoy fellowship and informal ministry, learn from the bible and how to serve one another and the community. There are activities for the youngsters, too, after supper on Wednesdays and on a Sunday morning. We set up a project called eXplore Life (XL) based around the local academies whic has now got charitable status in its own right and now has several local churches working together. On the last Sunday of every month we have lunch together; chance to relax over a delicious meal, meet visitors and get to know one another better.

Our heart is to live as disciples of Jesus and do the works that he did. That means caring for folk within and outwith the church. It means we pray for people to be healed and for Him to act in our lives. It also means sharing with others the Good News of Godís love. How he has forgiven our sin through Jesus and how we are born into a new family relationship by the Holy Spirit. One of the ways we do this is through the Alpha Course.

Our heart is not just for Inverurie. We help to support a number of folk who have gone to serve overseas, in China and in Kenya.

The heavy bit for those who want to know roughly where we stand is that New Community Church is an independent, charismatic, evangelical church. We are affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance. We are part of the Inverurie and District Churches Together. (Phew!)