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What do we do?

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What can you expect from a Sunday morning service?

Our meetings are quite laid back – we have no dress code but most people are dressed casually. Children are welcome to come and join in and we have a creche for pre-school children. We meet in the Social Services Day Centre on Port Road - look out for the flags! The service itself is free-flowing, but most weeks you can expect:

Worship – Our worship is led by a guitar or piano, sometimes with bass, flute and vocalists. We use mostly modern music, although we do sing some traditional hymns that have stood the test of time. We enjoy songs by from a wide variety of sources including Matt Redman, Brian Doerkson, Soul Survivor, Hillsongs, Planet Shakers and more. After a time for fellowship – catching up over a fly cup - we have a time of worship led by the band. During this time, we encourage everyone to join in not only by singing, but also with percussion instruments, flag-waving, reading from scripture, prayer or sharing pictures or words that help to express our praise and worship to Jesus. The youngsters often leave for their own activities sometime during the worship.

Communion - During our worship we also share bread and wine together (we actually use red grape juice). We welcome everyone who loves the Lord Jesus to come forward to share at his table.

Offering – As this is going on there is an opportunity to make an offering as an act of worship. Our visitors are not expected to give.

Ministry – There will also usually be someone on hand at the front who is willing to pray for anyone who would like specific prayer for themselves or a loved one, for healing or a fresh touch of God’s Holy Spirit.

Sermon – most weeks someone will bring us something from the Word of God.

The latest notices in our 'Billet Doux' and talks from recent weeks may be found here

Taking part – we encourage everyone to join in and bring a story of what God is doing, a word of encouragement, a song, or anything that will build up the body of Christ. During the notices we have chance for our clay pot story time - "We have this treasure in clay pots so that the glory goes to Jesus" - chance to share glimpses of God at work in our lives in everyday events.