New Community Church Inverurie churches, Aberdeenshire
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Who Are We?

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Things we think are important...


God has done wonderful things in our lives and we want to share the good news of His love with everyone we meet. We have a heart for the needy and we want to equip and help each other to live for God 24/7, not just in church on Sundays. Everything we do, every day, matters to God and the whole of life is holy.


1. To be a worshipping and praying community dependent on God and empowered by the Spirit.

2. To be a church of disciples that helps each other to use our God-given gifts and helps people move towards God from wherever they are at present.

3. To be a family that learns together and seeks to look after one another.

4. To build life-giving relationships and support one another on the journey that is our Christian faith.

5. To reflect Jesus by sharing our lives and working alongside our neighbours to transform our communities.

6. To live simply, humbly and justly. To be radical in our generosity. Fair trade is an important principle in this.

7. To be people that put Godís kingdom at the heart of what we do and who are full of the love and grace of God towards everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

8. To be supportive of other churches, faith communities and agencies as we seek Godís kingdom values of justice and peace to enable each person to flourish in the Garioch, Aberdeenshire and beyond.

9. To enable everyone to work out the salvation offered through Jesus by supporting families, offering hospitality, speaking for those with no voice, caring for the poor, praying for healing and miracles and proclaiming Christ boldly.