New Community Church Inverurie churches, Aberdeenshire
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Who Are We?

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Richard Aspden is married to Anne and they have five children. They have a heart for God's kingdom, which means sharing God's love and trade justice through Fair Trade are important. Richard is not a full-time paid leader although he has recently retired from a day job at the University of Aberdeen he is still active in medical research



Iain Grieve and his wife, Shena, are retired but have a long history of church leadership in the North East. They both take teaching roles in our services and together they have a heart for encouraging folk to use their spiritual gifts.

Jenny Beaumont, married to John, has four children who grew up in the church. Jenny has a warm heart for the church and for people.

Lesley MacDonald is a trustee and loves praying for folk and feeding them delicious meals.

Suzi Sherriffs was our first eXplore Life youth worker. Working mainly in the Academy to provide encouragement especially to those who are struggling. She is now employed in the Academy on the pupil support team. Within the church she has grown in pastoral ministry, especially with youngsters.