New Community Church Inverurie churches, Aberdeenshire

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21-January-2018, Richard Aspden - As I have loved you so love one another

4-February-2018, Richard Aspden - Love is the greatest

11-February-2018, Iain Grieve - Forgiveness

18-February-2018, Richard Aspden - The Father-heart of God

25-March-2018, Richard Aspden - Palm Sunday and the Mount of Olives

1-April-2018, Richard Aspden - Easter - words from the cross

11-February-2018, Iain Grieve - psalm 107 - Thanksgiving

15-April-2018, Richard Aspden - Rebuilding the team

6-May-2018, Iain Grieve - The Great Commission part 1

13-May-2018, Richard Aspden - What about Jesus' ascension?

1-July-2018, Richard Aspden - True or false, or how to spot the dodgy ones!

26-August-2018, Richard Aspden - Daniel versus the rest, did the lions win?

2-September-2018, Iain Grieve - Living in the power of the Spirit

9-September-2018, Richard Aspden - Daniel's dreams - the story so far

23-September-2018, Richard Aspden - Daniel's dreams - what next?

7-October-2018, Richard Aspden - Was it all a mistake?

14-October-2018, Iain Grieve - Jesus is our banner

21-October-2018, Richard Aspden - Paul writes to the church in Corinth - an introduction

4-November-2018, Richard Aspden - Paul writes to the church in Corinth - unity

18-November-2018, Richard Aspden - Paul writes to the church in Corinth - the cross

25-November-2018, Iain Grieve - Names of Jesus

9-December-2018, Richard Aspden - Christmas revisited

6-January-2019, Richard Aspden - Motto 2019

13-January-2019, Iain Grieve - Names of God

10-February-2019, Richard Aspden - What do we do when a marriage fails?

3-March-2019, Richard Aspden - For conscience sake

10-March-2019, Iain Grieve - Jesus' love for his bride

17-March-2019, Richard Aspden - Do this to remember me

24-March-2019, Julie McAddock / Angela Wilson Street Connect

7-April-2019, Richard Aspden - Love one another

28-April-2019, Richard Aspden - AGM

05-May-2019, Shena Grieve - The mother heart of God

19-May-2019, Shena Grieve - The forgotten feminine

2-June-2019, Richard Aspden - Ascension


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